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Texas professional license defense attorney, medical malpractice claimsDo you spend your days feeling overwhelmed? Does it seem like your list of tasks to complete will never end? Are your nights spent trying to catch up instead of with family, friends, colleagues, or even just relaxing? Rest assured, you are not alone. Many physicians find themselves stretched thin as they try to juggle the never-ending interruptions and their ever-growing to-do list.

Thankfully, it is possible to find a more harmonious balance in your work, and in your life. It all starts with learning how to more effectively use the tools and resources that are already at your disposal. Coincidentally, this balance and better management of resources can also reduce your risk of medical malpractice claims.

Are You Fully Utilizing Your Existing Resources?

It is easy to stay in your comfort zone with your staff, software, hardware, or other resources. Unfortunately, comfort can turn to complacency and eventually become the very thing holding you back and keeping you at the mercy of your to-do list. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, take a look around. Examine your resources—both human and non-human.

Is it time to finally sort through that stack of resumes and applications and get more help handling everyday tasks? Are you under-employing your current human resources? Is there a better, more effective way to use your software or hardware? Can you revamp old systems to create better, more efficient ones? These, along with other questions regarding your current resources, may very well be the key to more efficient handling of your everyday tasks.

Are You Actively Working Toward Better Balance?

Sometimes, even if there are enough resources, there is a gap in how we balance those resources with the tasks to be done. Maybe we inadvertently make tasks more difficult for ourselves by refusing to delegate duties that could be done just as efficiently by someone else. Or maybe we fail to listen to an employee or coworker offering a creative solution to our problem. Whatever the pitfall, sometimes we simply fail to grab what is right in front of us, thereby hindering our ability to achieve balance in life or in work, even if only for a moment.

Do You Celebrate and Appreciate the Small Gains?

Oftentimes, we are so focused on the “big picture” that we fail to recognize and appreciate the small accomplishments. However, evidence suggests that there is power behind the celebration of progress. In fact, Harvard Business Review, which studied the psychological experiences and performance of workers for nearly 15 years, found that workers were more productive, had an overall more positive view of their employers, and were more motivated when their accomplishments—even the small, ordinary ones—were recognized. You can apply this in your practice, and even to yourself by simply recognizing and acknowledging those smaller but important gains.

How Effective Resource Management Can Decrease the Risk of Malpractice Claims

When we are feeling overwhelmed, we often miss small but significant details. In contrast, effective management of our time and resources can reduce those feelings, giving us more energy and focus to notice and address the details. Tasks are completed on time and we are no longer rushing through them. We become more effective and empathetic listeners and improve our overall communication skills. We also feel less distracted, have lower stress levels, and can more efficiently examine and analyze our options. In the healthcare industry, this can easily translate into a reduced risk for medical malpractice claims.

Of course, medical malpractice claims can still happen. If they happen to you, Oscar San Miguel, Attorney at Law, can assist you through the process. With more than two decades of experience in the medical-legal arena, he offers invaluable knowledge, insight, and the kind of personalized and attentive representation you deserve. Schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Texas professional license defense attorney. Call 512-228-7946 today.  



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