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Texas nursing license defense attorneyFalsifying information – whether by deception or omission – is a serious issue that may result in adverse licensing actions from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). Sadly, many nurses are inclined to think that falsification begins and ends at lying about one’s credentials or scope of practice – and nothing could be further from the truth. Learn more about falsification in the nursing industry, discover what you may be up against if you are accused of committing this action in your practice, and discover how an experienced attorney can help protect your nursing license from suspension or revocation.

Falsification in the Nursing Industry

While the most obvious form of falsification would include lying about your nursing credentials, identity, or scope of practice, there are also other, less obvious forms of falsification in the nursing industry. Completing charts, en mass, without being certain that the information entered is valid would also be considered a form of falsification. Inaccurate entries, documenting treatments or medications that were not given, and attempting to cover up an adverse outcome are other common forms of falsification in the nursing industry.

Of course, not every nurse charts inaccurate information intentionally; some simply do so because they are understaffed, overworked, and highly fatigued. Some may accidentally enter the wrong days or times, due to working extended or double shifts. In other words, falsification does happen by accident. Sadly, the Texas BON is rarely empathetic to the situations that nurses face.

Understanding the Potential Consequences of Falsification

Depending on the circumstances, a nurse may face criminal charges for falsification. Nurses may also face disciplinary action from the Texas BON. Such actions may include the suspension or revocation of one’s nursing license, probation, mandatory continued credit units, reprimand, and censure. Thankfully, a nurse does have the right to fight the allegations that have been made against them. Furthermore, they have the right to seek legal counsel throughout the entire disciplinary and investigative process.

Contact Our Texas Nursing License Defense Lawyer

When your nursing license is on the line, it is more than just a matter of credentials. In some situations, it could be your very livelihood at risk. Get the skilled and experienced assistance you need during your investigation. Contact San Miguel, Attorney at Law, today. Backed by nearly 30 years of experience in the medical-legal arena, our Texas nursing license defense lawyer can aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome possible for your situation. Call 512-228-7946.





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