Officials Are Targeting “Drug Dealing Doctors” – What This Could Mean for Your Pain Management Practice

Texas medical license defense lawyerPain management doctors and clinics have long been targeted for drug dispensing issues, but thanks to the opioid crisis, investigations into these clinics are becoming more frequent and aggressive. In fact, news sources indicate that officials are now intentionally targeting what they consider “drug dealing doctors.” Learn what this might mean for your pain management practice and medical license, and discover how an experienced medical license defense lawyer can help protect them both.

Opioid Crisis Puts Pressure on Pain Management Clinics

Chronic pain – whether caused by a serious health condition or life-altering accident or injury – is not a made-up phenomenon. If anything, it is an issue that has not received the kind of attention it deserves. There is also a misconception that many of these patients are drug seekers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, some of them are, in fact, addicted to pain pills, and there has been an increase in the number of deaths among chronic pain patients but the opioid crisis cannot be blamed solely on pain patients or the practitioners that treat them.

A large percentage of the deaths associated with opioid drugs can be traced back to physicians who do not typically manage pain patients. All but oblivious to the diligence that must be practiced when prescribing pain pills to chronic pain sufferers, these doctors rarely act maliciously or negligently. Most are trying to help their patients. Sadly, their lack of exposure to the nuances in the world of pain management means they may fail to recognize or detect drug-seeking behaviors in their patients. Yet, as many pain management clinics have seen, it is those who most frequently prescribe pain medications that are being targeted for illegal activity.

Fighting a “Pill Mill” Allegation

The reality of pain management is that some patients turn to harder street drugs, or they start drug-seeking habits that can place your clinic at risk. Abandoning them is not the answer, however. Instead, physicians need an advocate that they can trust – someone who can help them fight against the allegations that are being made by the Texas Medical Board.

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