Due Diligence with Licensed Employees Can Reduce Your Risk of Disciplinary Action from the Texas Board of Dentistry

Texas dental license defense lawyerDentists often employee licensed professionals to help them with their practice, but what happens when you do not practice due diligence and hire one who has a license that is expired, suspended, revoked, or stolen? In many cases, it can result in an investigation against you and your practice. Learn how to protect yourself from this situation, and discover what an experienced dental license defense lawyer can do to help if you are currently under an investigation with the Texas Board of Dentistry.

Licensing Issue More Common Than Most Dentists Realize

As an employer, you might assume that your prospective and current employees are doing their part to maintain current and valid licensing. Sadly, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the issue is a mere oversight – perhaps the employee moved and did not receive notice that their license was about to expire – but in most instances, the lack of valid licensing is intentional. Some will fail to inform you of an investigation that has taken place. Others will tell you that their license is valid, even though it has been revoked or suspended. In even more concerning instances, an individual may steal the credentials of another licensed professional.

Do not think that your practice is immune. Such issues are far more common than most dentists realize, and they can endanger your practice. Thankfully, you can mitigate such issues by taking a proactive approach to ensuring your employees have valid and current licenses.

Doing Your Due Diligence to Ensure Valid Licensing

If your practice is busy and booming, checking the validity of a potential or current employee’s license may seem like yet another task to perform – one that you probably feel as though you cannot manage. However, doing so can go a long way in preventing licensing issues within your dental practice – and you do not have to check licensing by yourself.

Some practitioners hire a non-licensed office assistant to handle paperwork, bookings, and administrative duties. One of those duties could be to periodically check the licensing status of all current employees and to ensure that potential new hires have the required licensing in place. Another strategy you could use is to run licensing checks on all new hires, and then perform an inquiry on any current employees whenever you conduct their employee evaluations.

When an Employee Places Your Practice at Risk

Even with due diligence, a licensing issue with an employee may occur. If that issue then results in an investigation, it is critical that you seek qualified legal assistance. Backed by nearly 30 years of experience in the legal-medical arena, Oscar San Miguel, Attorney at Law, can aggressively represent you in your investigation. No matter what the situation, our seasoned Texas dental license defense lawyer will pursue the most favorable outcome. Start by scheduling a free initial consultation. Call 512-228-7946 today.



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