Challenging a Drug Diversion Accusation – What Every RN Should Know

Texas nursing license defense attorneyDrug diversion is a process in which prescription drugs are transferred from legal distribution channels to illegal ones. Considered a serious violation by the Texas Board of Nursing, drug diversion can result in disciplinary action, including the suspension or revocation of a nurse’s license. Thankfully, nurses can (and should) challenge accusations of drug diversion. The following explains how, and it provides some important details on how an experienced nursing license defense lawyer may be able to assist with your situation.

A Closer Look at Drug Diversion in the Nursing Industry

Statistics indicate that around 10 percent of all registered nurses have a drug dependency problem. While that percentage may seem small, drug diversion is thought to cost private and public medical insurers approximately $72.5 billion each year. It is this loss, paired with the general risk that drug diversion poses to the public (nurses working while intoxicated, patients not receiving the right dosage or strength of the medication, etc.), that leaves nursing boards feeling as if they have no choice but to act aggressively in suspected drug diversion situations.

What Causes a Nurse to Be Flagged for Diversion?

The most obvious reason that a nurse would be investigated for drug diversion is to have been caught doing it. However, not all nurses who are flagged for diversion are guilty. In fact, there are many situations that may lead to a false allegation of drug diversion. For example, a nurse may become suspect if they fail to accurately chart the dosage and time of administration for medications provided to patients. Alternatively, a nurse may be suspected of drug diversion if another nurse changes or alters their charts.

Fighting an Allegation of Drug Diversion

Consequences for drug diversion can range greatly – going from required random drug testing to a complete revocation of the nurse’s license. As such, nurses are encouraged to take immediate action to protect their license, once they learn of an investigation against them. An attorney, though not required, can be useful in this process.

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