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Dentists often employee licensed professionals to help them with their practice, but what happens when you do not practice due diligence and hire one who has a license that is expired, suspended, revoked, or stolen? In many cases, it can result in an investigation against you and your practice. Learn how to protect yourself from this situation, and discover what an experienced dental license defense lawyer can do to help if you are currently under an investigation with the Texas Board of Dentistry.
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Of all the errors that nurses make in their practice, those related to medications are some of the most common. Sadly, when a nurse makes such a mistake, it can place their license in jeopardy. Learn how to reduce your risk of medication errors, which can ultimately decrease your chances of an investigation with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), and discover how an experienced attorney can help protect your nursing license if an error and investigation do occur.
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Nurses often hold licensure in different states. Some have moved and simply do not want to give up their rights to practice in the other state. Others work for mobile services or at different facilities within the same company. Either way, this multiple-state licensing allows them to practice in several states, all at once. What happens, though, when that nurse is then disciplined in one state? Does it also affect their licensure in other states? Learn more, including what an experienced nursing license defense attorney can do in your Texas Board of Nursing case.
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While any physician can find themselves in the middle of a Texas Medical Board (TMB) investigation, the outcomes of cases vary greatly. Analysts and advocates have long argued that some of the rulings are biased, and based on factors that are not related to the patient or public safety. Now a new study has determined that a history of disciplinary action can increase your chances of severe consequences – including and up to the revocation of your medical license. At first glance, this might not seem problematic, but in taking a closer look, it becomes clear that basing the severity of a …
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