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All across the country, nurses are speaking out about staff shortages and sub par care. To some, that may not make sense – especially since nurses are the care providers – but to those in the industry, the message could not be more clear. Staff shortages compromise patient safety. They force nurses to work in conditions that increase their risk of an error, which can ultimately endanger their livelihood. Learn more about how the negligence and actions of the wrong employer could negatively affect your nursing license, as well as what you can do about it.
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Physicians are aware of the opioid epidemic. In fact, most do all that they can to mitigate against it. They check their charts, only refill a prescription when a pain patient is eligible, and may even try to transition their patients to other types of medications with a lower rate of addiction. Unfortunately, the issue is still growing.
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Your Texas medical license is more than a sheet of paper; it is the lifeblood of your practice. Without it, you stand to lose your ability to practice medicine and your business. Loss of a medical license can also damage your reputation. Sadly, the Texas Medical Board’s (TMB) process for handling complaints may have left you without an immediate say in the status of your license. Alternatively, you may have received a ruling that seemed unfair, and you may be facing unwarranted and undeserved disciplinary measures.
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Unrealistic demands on physicians and hospitals, the increasing risk of disciplinary action from state licensing boards, staff shortages, and many other healthcare related issues are causing an uptick in physician burnout. Sadly, this phenomenon can also increase a doctor’s risk of receiving a complaint with the Texas Medical Board, which could result in an adverse action against their license. Learn what to do if a complaint is filed against you, and discover how an experienced medical license defense lawyer can help you protect your medical license.
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