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Matters that place your PA license at risk generally relate to your practice, but some matters of the heart could also jeopardize your ability to practice medicine. For example, if you become romantically involved with a current or past patient, you may  be accused of sexual misconduct. Of course, this could happen to you, even if you have not engaged in a romantic relationship with a patient, co-worker, or colleague. Learn more about this risks and their consequences, as well as how you can protect your PA license in the face of a sexual misconduct investigation.
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When a family member, friend, or neighbor is in need - perhaps for something as simple as an antibiotic - it can be tempting to simply write them a prescription or offer a sample. Alternatively, you may find yourself ill but unable to find the time to visit a doctor. This, too, could tempt you into writing a prescription. Yet both circumstances can place your PA license at risk. Learn more about this potentially dangerous decision, and how you can protect your license if you are under investigation.  
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Opioid and the abuse of other prescription drugs are at an all-time high in the United States. Pill mills are one of the major sources of these drugs. As a result, federal agencies, state agencies, and even licensing agencies have started cracking down on the prescribing of pain medications. In fact, facilities that work with the chronically ill are facing intense scrutiny, as are advanced practice registered nurses since they work under prescriptive delegation. This extra attention, though not generally warranted, places the licensing status of nurses at risk. Learn more about the …
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After years of school, studying, and sacrifice, the suspension of your nursing license can feel akin to a death sentence. All that you have worked for, all that you have done, seems like wasted effort. Thankfully, a suspension is not always the end of a nursing career. It is possible to come back from certain situations. The journey will not be easy, but with some sound advice and an experienced advocate, you may win the fight to restore the status of your license.
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