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By law, nurse practitioners are bound by delegated authority. The patients they treat, the types of treatment they administer, and the prescriptions they write are all subject to approval, scrutiny, and reprimand from their overseeing physician. Yet these medical professionals also often experience intense scrutiny from the Texas Board of Nursing. Those that treat psychiatric and transgender patients may be especially at risk. Learn what this might mean for your practice, and how you can effectively protect your nursing license in the face of an investigation from the BON.
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While a large percentage of medical license suspensions occur because of a situation related to a doctor’s practice, there are some everyday issues that can put your license at risk. Some are unexpected. Others you may not know about. Yet all have the potential to create havoc. Learn what these potential risks are, and how you can fight, should you find yourself the subject of an investigation or a possible medical license suspension.
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People do not generally set out to abuse drugs or alcohol, yet some 10 percent of Americans are thought to struggle with addiction. Registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are not immune to this affliction. In fact, the American Nurses Association (ANA) estimates that approximately 300,000 of the three million nurses in America suffer from a dependency or addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, in this arena, the cost can go well beyond the criminal implications.
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When you are under investigation from the Texas Medical Board, and you know you have not done anything wrong, it can be tempting to try and prove your innocence. Unfortunately, this zealousness can sometimes do more harm than good. Learn when and how this could happen, as well as how you can best protect your medical license during an investigation from the TMB.
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