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While the practice of a physician assistant must be overseen by a licensed physician, delegated authority does provide protection physician assistants from disciplinary action. In fact, they are just as at risk as their supervising physician when it comes to licensing denial, suspension, revocation, and other disciplinary measures from the Texas Medical Board. Protect your physician assistant license by learning what actions may be taken against you, and how to best take action if you become the subject of a Texas Medical Board investigation.
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Physician assistants have a fairly broad scope to work within, as long as an overseeing physician is supervising them. But overstepping that scope can lead to serious consequences, including the suspension and revocation of your license. Learn how your scope of practice and licensing status are connected, and what you should do to protect your physician assistant license if you become the subject of an investigation by the Texas Medical Board. 
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Learning that you are the subject of an investigation from the Texas nursing board can be a frightening experience, but knowing what to expect, and how to best approach the situation can help to ease your stress and worry. The following information can provide you with the knowledge and power you need to navigate an investigation effectively and help you better understand the investigation process. In turn, this can help you to protect your nursing license. 
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Years of hard work and dedication may have helped you earn your nursing license, but the work itself is far from over. Now, as you treat patients and go on about your day-to-day work, you need to know how to protect your nursing license from suspension or revocation. This task, which goes well beyond simple prudence in your practice, requires that you know when your license could be at risk, and what you should do about it. Furthermore, it requires that you understand the role and value of a skilled legal professional when facing disciplinary measures and licensing issues. 
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