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Oftentimes, licensed practitioners mistakenly believe that they are “innocent until proven guilty” and, as a result, they fail to take action to protect their professional license. That may hold some truth in a criminal court, but it does not necessarily ring true with the Texas Medical Board, Texas Board of Nursing, or other state licensing board. The recent medical license suspension of a Texas-based orthopedist serves as proof.
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All too often, nurses underestimate the potential consequences of an investigation and wrongfully assume that they can represent themselves. They may believe they have done nothing wrong, believe their infraction was minor, or may mistakenly believe that an honest explanation will earn them graces or leniency with a board of their peers. Sadly, these very same nurses often discover they were inaccurate in assessing the severity of their situation. To add to their dismay, many often learn this lesson entirely too late. Do not meet the same fate. Know when (and why) you…
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Unprofessional conduct, also known as dishonorable conduct, is defined by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) as any behavior that may likely pose a threat or cause to the public or cause injury to a patient. Covering a wide range of actions and behaviors, this can lead to an investigation and disciplinary action from the Board. As such, it is critical that you understand this widely encompassing section of the Texas Administrative Code, as well as what actions may be taken against you if you are found to be in violation.
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While physician assistants and advanced practice nurses can be granted authority to prescribe medications, the Texas Medical Board has several restrictions in place to ensure patient safety. In some cases, those restrictions may not even apply to the PA or APN directly, but violations could still impact their licensing status. As such, it is critical that these licensed professionals understand the rules and regulations regarding prescriptive delegation and authority.
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