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To practice dentistry in the state of Texas, practitioners must obtain a Texas Dental License. Valid for one year, that license must then be renewed annually. Failure to comply with renewal regulations can have severe consequences, especially if the practitioner continues to provide services without a license. As such, it is critical that all dentists understand the process and rules for renewing a dental license and the consequences for failing to do so.
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Substance abuse, in and of itself, is dangerous. A user can accidentally overdose and his or her organs can suffer unnecessary and sometimes irreparable damage. But for nurses, this risk extends well beyond the user; the impairment of judgement and fine motor skills, and the inability to focus and remember important details translates into serious risk for the patients they are treating. This is true, regardless of whether a nurse uses one time or suffers from an addiction. However, because substance use and abuse are very different, the way these two situations are …
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Physicians who have never received notice of a Texas Medical Board complaint often find themselves taken aback by the process. This is often because they may have originally viewed the Board members as understanding allies and peers when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Even more unsettling is when the physician experiences a lack of communication from the Board—confusion about the nature of the complaint, injustice, unfair treatment, or outright coercion and manipulation.
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Do we choose love, or does it choose us? The age-old question is, perhaps, most relevant when considering the doctor-patient relationship. Here, the lines between love, sex, and ethics are often blurred. In fact, even the American Medical Association hints at a possibility of wiggle room once the professional relationship ends. Yet, even then, a doctor definitely starts on the defense if a complaint is ever filed. Worse still is when a romantic relationship begins when a professional one still clearly exists. Either way, physicians should know their risks and their rights when it comes to …
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