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The implications of a criminal charge are enough to frighten nearly anyone, but for healthcare professionals, the anxiety is often further compounded by the possibility of losing their license to practice. Often, this concern is fully justified since, depending on the charges, and investigation may be launched during the criminal charge proceedings. As such, it is critical to know when and how to take action to protect your license with the Texas Medical Board.
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Signed into law in September of 2012, Texas House Bill 300 (HB 300) mandates new and additional patient privacy protections. Requirements are more stringent than those covered by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as are the consequences of a violation. As such, it is critical that healthcare providers understand the regulations and how their practice or licensing status with the Texas Medical Board, Texas Board of Nursing, or other licensing agency may be affected.
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Most health care facilities conduct nursing peer reviews. Designed to manage complaints and evaluate each nurse’s qualifications, quality of care, and standard of care compliance, they are often comprised of fellow nurses and other administrative professionals. When an evaluation by the board or committee is positive, no negative effects occur. On the other hand, negative peer reviews can result in a number of consequences, both within the organization and with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). 
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Facing a temporary suspension of a medical license is stressful and worrisome, in and of itself. However, there are also potential secondary effects that physicians may not be aware of; some may occur, even if the Texas Medical Board (TMB) does not finalize a suspension, or if the motion to suspend is eventually reversed. To adequately protect themselves, physicians should be aware of these potential secondary effects, and how they may be able to combat them before they become an issue.
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