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Most doctors have heard of the National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB) and know that the Texas Medical Board must report disciplinary actions to it. But beyond that, there is more that physicians should know.
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Every nurse works hard to earn and maintain a state license to practice nursing, and should be aware of the various disciplinary measures and procedures that can be used when patient care is in question. Peer review for nurses is a mechanism for evaluating the services being provided by a nurse, the nurse’s qualifications, the quality of care delivered to patients, and the validity of a complaint. Peer review can be conducted at the request of the nurse (“Safe Harbor peer review”) or commenced by the facility (“Incident-based peer review”).
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In keeping with the professional nature of the roles, health professionals are subject to strict licensing requirements in the state of Texas. The initial and renewal applications contain questions that are outlined by state law and the rules and regulations of the state boards governing their practices. A common question asked by those applying for licensure and renewal is whether to disclose a criminal conviction on the application or renewal application. Some roles this affect when reviewing licenses or applying for the first time include physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, and …
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Peer review for nurses is a mechanism for evaluating a nurse’s service and care, and comes in two forms. One is incident-based and is initiated by the facility where the nursing services occur. The other, safe harbor peer review, is invoked by the nurse and can be a powerful tool for use by a nurse for protection against licensure action or retaliation by an employer.
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